Come along to a weekly meeting and try us out for size. See our calendar for dates and times.

Membership types

Join our forum and take part in real time hacking and making via IRC.

Attend scheduled meetings (donation £6 on the door, or monthly standing order).

Key-holder memberships are available if you want to spend more time in the hackspace or work outside scheduled meetings. After a settling in period of coming along to scheduled meetings (usually 3 months), find yourself a Proposer and Seconder then upgrade your subscription to key-holder (minimum donation £21 per month or £250 per annum). Proposers can be any other key-holder. Seconders must be a current trustee.

Any questions? Come along to a meeting, or contact us.

9 thoughts on “Membership

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  2. Hi,
    It been awhile since I attended the last forum at Sheffield Hallam University therefore as my interests are more likely into digital technologies and hacking, I would like to participate and join the SHHM team to gather more information , build networking and bring upfront my skills and also share my experiences with others.

    • Yes indeed, check out the google calendar on our home page and pick an open session that suits you. The best ones to attract a lot of members at the same time are Mondays.

      Look forward to seeing you.

  3. I’m a retired Mathematician and Session Blues Guitarist who lives in Sheffield.
    For some time I’ve been collecting vintage programmable calculators, attempting to do minor repairs but mainly programming them.
    I’m not very practical and this is holding me back electronics wise – I’m also trying to bring back to life both a Vintage Commodore Vic 20 and my 1982 Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
    I’ve tried to do online electronics course but I really need to be in a class with others – your setup looks ideal.
    Can I come to your next club meeting\day please?

    • Yes indeed, check out the google calendar on our home page and pick an open session that suits you. The best ones to attract a lot of members at the same time are Mondays.

      Look forward to seeing you.

      • Sorry I haven’t been in touch – had some serious medical issues with my Rheumatoid Arthritis ending with 4 week incarceration in the Northern General!
        Very much on the mend again so when I get back to Sheffield next Friday I’ll look through the calendar and let you know when I’ll attend.
        P.S. I sent the email below to Access Space:-
        “I came to the one day electronics course at Access a few months ago – it was excellent.
        I worked in IT for 25+ years, starting out on an HP-97 desktop programmable calculator, until I contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis and had to retire early.
        My degree is in Pure Mathematics.

        Since retiring in 2004 I’ve gone back to my roots and started collecting both Vintage Calculators and Computers. I program them, mainly using math algorithms and attempt repairs where possible.
        I’ve been a member of The Hewlett Packard Calculator Club since 2016 – mostly via online as they meet once a month but in London.
        I’ve Googled everywhere but can’t find any clubs.
        I wondered if I/You would be interested in trying to set up a Vintage Computer/Calculator Club here in Sheffield possibly to meet once a month and held at Access Space.
        I would do all the setup if you think it’s a good or not. There is real beauty in lots of these old 8/16 bit devices and how they run on just 8 – 16 kb of memory, that Supercalc program size was less than 1 Mb.
        Of course this would only be viable if we can get enough people to want to come and join.
        I have 50+ programmable calculators (HP-41CX (the backup computer for the Apollo Moon Missions), HP-15c, TI-59 etc and 4 vintage computers (TI-59/4A, Commodore VIC 20, Toshiba HX-10 (MSX) and Amstrad 464 all working which I could bring to the monthly meetings as a starting point for discussion.
        We could look at some of the programming languages used on these, including what is known as Keystroke recording (which would lead nicely into Assembly Language and why it’s still relevant)

        I think the only stumbling block would be how to contact and get people interested .
        Let me know what you think and/or if this fits in with the sort of things you are doing at Access.

        Dennis Tuckerman

        Audio Alchemist, Session Guitarist & Pure Mathematician
        Leave the Planet in a better shape than when you first found it.”

  4. Hi,

    I’d love to join but I’m afraid I have limited funds, due to disability.

    Even £6 on the door for someone who’s struggling to pay to eat and heat seems rather excessive, especially if you aren’t using any tools or equipment at first.

    Then minimum donation £21 per month or £250 per annum! I could purchase the latest 3D printer for a couple of hundred more.


    • Hi Pete thank you for your message. my name is Craig and i am one of the new Trustees for the hackspace I am not sure if you have already been down to the space and spoken to someone or you have been mailed costing information but i think you may have been given some duff information.

      we charge £6 for one months meetings Essentially the price equates to £1 per meeting as we meet 6 (sometimes 7) times a month and there no obligation for you to pay any more than this just pay £6 and turn up to as many of the meetings as you can, if after a month you find you have no more need for the space then by all means stop paying and hold on till you feel you would like to return, we accept cash on your first real visit but your first visit to the space to look round is free.

      I understand even the above costs can be a challenge for some peoples situations however please be assured ALL the money taken goes into running the space (heating lighting rent etc and no-one gets paid or profits from this).

      Hopefully these costs are clearer now but if not please reach out for more information, we would love you to see the benefits joining our group

      Kind Regards

  5. Hello,
    I am just about to join SHHM and start going with a friend. I Saw on the website that there is potentially a chance to use 3D printers, and I have recently been learning blender, so I was wondering if someone could show me how to print a model I design on blender? If not I will still have fun making projects based around the raspberry pi.

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